Mobile first delivery for well-being service

Our client in the well-being sector wanted to scale their business, by transitioning their in-person service to mobile first delivery.

Our client’s well-being business launched with a traditional face-to-face model. Groups of up to 30 people in a room, several times a week, in one location, with groups completing a 10-session programme.

As a single person business, this model made it difficult to grow. Our client saw the opportunity an app provided to reach more people with live and recorded content, in multiple locations.

Inneall developed the app architecture, working with our client to understand current services and how these would best transfer to an app environment, and supported creation of a vision that anticipated where the app might go. This ensured we could future proof the design of the app to enable more content and of different types, as and when our client expanded the service.

With the architecture and front end design in place, we built the app and supporting website, integrating live streaming software, as well as payment functionality and watch again options.

Revenue from the online service quickly surpassed the revenue generated from face-to-face delivery and when the pandemic hit our client was already positioned to transfer all customers to the app-based service.