Remote learning expansion for accountancy training provider

Our client’s pass rate ensured their reputation as a first-class provider of accountancy training, but more and more students wanted the flexibility to learn from home, online.

The majority of our client’s students are professional people with day jobs, who extend their accountancy qualifications by completing courses in their spare time. Traditionally this has involved travelling to our client’s classrooms and participating in training sessions face-to-face.

Our client is a popular provider because of the high pass rates achieved, but in the last two years more people have enquired about the option of participating in courses remotely. Either because they live a long distance away from the classroom or have work and family commitments that make it difficult to attend in person.

Seeing the demand for remote learning as an opportunity as well as a significant new challenge, our client commissioned Inneall to develop a complete learning management system (LMS). The LMS needed to support a blended learning approach, with live lessons at specific dates and times, as well as the ability to access course content and watch streamed content again.

Development of the LMS presented a human as well as a technical challenge. Teachers who had traditionally taught face-to-face needed a straightforward system that made it simple for them to stream their lessons.

Inneall integrated Zoom into the open source Moodle LMS and developed a one-click system for teachers to begin streaming their lesson. We also built in automatic upload of the recorded lesson, enabling students to watch the content again and removing the upload task from teachers.

The LMS has been a hugely successful platform for our client, providing flexible options for existing students and supporting a steady growth in student numbers. The LMS continued to work successfully even as greater numbers of people studied remotely due to the pandemic.