e-commerce website for international education provider

Our education client was expanding delivery of course content to international markets and needed an e-commerce solution that enabled location specific pricing.

Our client delivers a wide range of finance and technology courses, with content provided in classroom environments, as well as online. Following good uptake of their digital learning options in the UK and Ireland, our client saw the opportunity to build its customer base internationally.

To fulfil these international ambitions, our client needed an e-commerce website that served customers in all target locations effectively. This included integration of location-specific pricing for each country and mechanisms to ensure people could only purchase a course from their genuine location.

Inneall developed the information architecture in collaboration with our client and integrated a Geo IP detection system into the backend. This recognises each user’s location and ensures they see the right content and pricing.

The task was made more complex by the scale of the website involved, which incorporated four major courses with multiple modules. There were also different purchasing options for some countries, with classroom delivery available in some locations.

Users could also opt for a subscription-based payment option, pay each quarter, or in full. Each of these options need to be integrated with the location-specific pricing. Our system design ensured users were prevented from selecting an alternative location to their own.

Successful roll-out of the international e-commerce website has helped to build our client’s international customer-base and more countries are now being added widening the market for our client’s courses even further.