e-commerce website

Our FMCG client had ambitions to expand its business and needed a global e-commerce website that met specific pricing and regulatory objectives in each market.

After successfully marketing and distributing its own-made Irish whisky, our FMCG client saw an opportunity to sell other alcohol brands. The goal was selling through a single e-commerce website that delivered the right content and pricing to each location the company wanted to serve, all over the world.

With alcohol sales becoming increasingly stringent in many locations and prohibited in some, a further challenge was meeting regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction.

The right age checks and restrictions were required for each country and consumers needed to be prevented from making purchases in any other than their genuine location.

Inneall led the development of a large scale e-commerce platform, with integrated GEO IP tracking, a system that detects each user’s location. This enabled our client to deliver the right content and pricing to in each location and to ask the right regulatory questions before enabling consumers to make a purchase.

Following the success of the first iteration of the platform and successful uptake of additional brands by consumers, Inneall worked with our FMCG client to expand to more locations, continuing to integrate GEO IP and meet local pricing and regulatory requirements.