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We recommend using Zoom as a video conferencing solution. This is a relatively new offering but provides excellent value for money video compression and quality.

Easy video file export

Easy video file export

Multiple users can engage one Zoom link that a lecturer can add to Moodle. We can provide Integration with zoom here by way of a plug-in that allows each lecturer to schedule meetings.

This meeting link would appear as a link on the appropriate course page on Moodle so that students could click the link and join the meeting. Once the students join the lecturer has the main screen and the students appear as a group of small boxes on the right. The lecturer has access to the following functionality

  • Screen sharing
  • Co-annotation
  • Remote control over another participant's shared screen
  • In-meeting chat
  • IM and Presence
  • Breakout rooms (The lecturer lets the students have a private meeting between themselves or in groups)

Once the lecture is finished the lecturer can easily export the video file and we can provide a facility to upload this to Moodle automatically.