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Benefit from an LMS, CMS or CRM that exactly matches your business needs.

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Quick functional designs that are modern and browser friendly.

Secure Hosting

Whether on-site or in the cloud, get secure hosting for your product.

Training and Support

Expert training to help get your staff confident, with effective accessible support.

Manually Tracking Attendance

Manually Tracking Attendance

Inneall can provide a custom attendance monitoring solution to suit your needs. We can provide a complete attendance tracking system that allows you to either manually enter attendance via a web interface or automated collection using RFID card readers.

Our AMS application provides the capability to add override attendance manually, run a wide range of reports on student attendance as well as being able to access a live view of attendance.

Automated Attendance Collection

Automated Attendance Collection

With our automated model we can provide RFID card readers that can be wall mounted at the point of entry of each room. This is compatible with standard encoded card types and conforms to the ISO14443-A protocol.

Each reader would be connected to your network via wifi or by direct RJ45 cable connection with POE support.

Integration with Third Party Systems

Integration with Third Party Systems

The automated attendance system lends itself to integration with any existing attendance tracking system. This means we can track the attendance using our RFID readers and automatically pass this collected data into your desired third party application.

We have integrated this with multiple third party systems in the past, such as Celcat and other systems that store student attendance.