Bespoke Development

Benefit from an LMS, CMS or CRM that exactly matches your business needs.

Elegant Web Designs

Quick functional designs that are modern and browser friendly.

Secure Hosting

Whether on-site or in the cloud, get secure hosting for your product.

Training and Support

Expert training to help get your staff confident, with effective accessible support.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

We have extensive experience with a range of LMS platforms and have installed, modified and integrated these systems for multiple private colleges both in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. As such we have a good understanding of the kind of capabilities required by a college for such a system.

To this end we would always suggest utilising Moodle as a learning management system. This is an open source community driven learning management system. This means the code is free to use and change as required making this one of the most flexible and easily adaptable systems on the market.

Moodle can be integrated with virtually any system - We have previously integrated this with grading, timetabling, attendance, student information systems, financial systems and enrolment systems.

Moodle is widely used in third level institutions worldwide and by over 60% of third level institutions in the EU. It has a massive community base providing a constant stream of updates and plug-ins and as such is one of the most popular and user friendly applications for staff and students in the third level education environment.


More than just development

We can provide the following services in relation to Moodle:

Installation and Maintenance

  • We would install and configure the latest version of Moodle and provided updates.


  • We can provide an in house or cloud hosted solution for Moodle on Azure or AWS.
  • Hosting provided by us can be scaled as required.


  • We can ensure the latest security patches are applied as we can regularly scan the application and underlying hosted solution for known exploits.
  • The Moodle instance hosted by Inneall would provided end to end encryption of data for both students and staff using transport level security.

Modification covering both functionality and design

  • Custom theme designed specifically for the client.
  • Integration to existing systems.
  • Augment or add functionality as requested.


  • Inneall can provide a mobile friendly responsively designed custom theme.
  • For a more immersive feel on mobile we can also provide a customised mobile app available for both IOS and Android.


  • We can provide training materials and on site support.


  • We can provide a backup and restoration solution that would in the event of a system error or crash be able to restore both database and file system.