Inneall Education

We work with education providers to provide custom end to end solutions for every aspect of the student lifecycle from registration to graduation. We have over 10 years of experience working with educators to provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry

We provide hosting, support and custom software development solutions ranging from college websites with integrated application systems to learning management systems, attendance, student information systems, customer relationship management systems as well as ios and android applications for students and staff. We also focus heavily on system automation and integration

Powering your Business

At Inneall, we pride ourselves in our ability to solve complex business problems using Bespoke Software Systems. Our main focus is Business Process Automation were we work closely with your business to understand how Software Systems can be implemented to help address specific issues.

Third party systems can be great in certain situations but in a lot of cases they are designed for the masses and as a result are inflexible and difficult to modify. It is also difficult to fit a system like this into your business without changing how you do things. Your business is unique and we believe that the software should meet the needs to the business.

Diverse Technology

Our developers have a diverse Software Development background with specialisations in key technologies and Frameworks. When working with customers we can use technology which may already exist in house or if working on a new project we will listen carefully to your requirements before carefully selecting a technology option for you to review.

We pride ourselves in keeping our skills up to date and we do not focus on any one particular technology. Our main aim is to deliver a state of the art system which suits your needs. To achieve these we endeavour to ensure that we can use any toolset as needed.

Building Partnerships

Our primary focus when working on a project is building a lasting partnership with a client. Over time your business will change and evolve and a any Software System should have the ability to grow with your business.

We commit ourselves fully to understanding our clients' businesses and working with them to ensuring they get the maximum return from any Software Solution.

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