Bespoke Development

Benefit from an LMS, CMS or CRM that exactly matches your business needs.

Elegant Web Designs

Quick functional designs that are modern and browser friendly.

Secure Hosting

Whether on-site or in the cloud, get secure hosting for your product.

Training and Support

Expert training to help get your staff confident, with effective accessible support.

Inneall Bespoke SIS

Inneall Bespoke SIS

With this option we can build a bespoke system for you. Although this would need a detailed requirements analysis stage and would take more development time, the benefit is that the end product would match exactly your business needs.

Install and integrate separate off the shelf systems

Install and Integrate separate off the shelf systems

Install and Integrate separate off the shelf systems such as Student Information System (SIS) and a Timetabling and Attendance monitoring system such as CELCAT Timetabler. This gives clients the advantage of using best in breed systems to meet their needs.

Siloed systems are never a good idea so system integration and additional reporting would be created to support GNIB requirements. This type of system would be limited in terms of client customisation due to using a generic SIS used by a number of colleges and the integration code being closed source, belonging to the vendor.

The vendor will then typically provide implementation and ongoing technical support to handle any issues that arise.